23 Mar 14 at 3 pm

on an Ours kick this morning. this man’s voice could heal anything.

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20 Mar 14 at 2 am

Godhead vs. Joolz - Kiss

This cover is AWESOME. Definitely going in my mix for April!

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17 Mar 14 at 6 pm


SCIENCE OF NOISE is a brand new, 12-track album by Los Angeles based musician Slighter (heard on FOX, NBC, Showtime, and more).  Bending the sound of classic Electronica, The Science of Noise evokes a futuristic landscape with genre-bending, tactile songs.

The album includes collaborations with veteran EDM artists, with Drum & Bass/House vocalist, Nica Brooke; Soundsation’s Simon Latham; and Chris Sterio from Source of Gravity Records.  There’s also new talents including Wolftek, Risk Letter, and spoken word by author R. A. Desilets.

SCIENCE OF NOISE will be available digitally worldwide on March 18th on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify with the physical edition coming Summer 2014.

Check it out! :D

Pre-order the album here!

THIS IS COMING OUT TOMORROW GUYS. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me seeing Risk Letter on fucking AMAZON. This is my first original track with my fucking moniker on it, so please check it out! It means the world!

Did I mention it’s only $7.99? Hell yeah. 

05 Mar 14 at 2 pm

where the fuck has this been all my life

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25 Mar 13 at 8 pm

this gem just showed up on spotify. I’m in love.

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27 Jan 13 at 12 am

I love the little gems you find when listening to old music on your computer. This song takes me back.

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27 Dec 12 at 9 pm

For your sexy New Year’s Eve party.

[playing at random is recommended.]

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09 Jun 12 at 3 pm

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17 Sep 11 at 8 pm

SO TRUE. fuck. XD

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SO TRUE. fuck. XD